Freezer Beef

We believe that happy cattle produce the best flavored beef, and we pride ourselves in providing top notch care to our animals. Our small beef herd enjoys roaming our pasture, and napping in the shade of the trees. Our cattle are primarily grass fed.

September 2024 SOLD OUT
October 2024 SOLD OUT

We offer whole, half and quarter options, which are priced per pound hanging weight. Our current price is $3.50/lb, (subject to change with market and feed prices). Buyer pays for processing, which averages around $1.25/lb. Buyers can pick their cuts and options with the locker directly. See cuts and processing options here. We provide transportation of the animal to the locker. We use Lohrville Locker in Lohrville, Iowa. We accepted cash, personal check, Apple Pay or Venmo.

*While $4.50/lb all in initially sounds expensive, you’d be hard pressed to find quality ground beef at the grocery store for under $6/lb. But you’re not getting just ground beef at $4.50/lb. You’re getting EVERYTHING at that price! Ribeye, sirloins, tbone, roast, ground beef, etc ALL at $4.50-$5/lb and the quality and flavor is far superior to store bought beef! Give us a try. We know you’ll love it. We’ve grown steadily every year with every one of our customers being a repeat buyer!